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If You Have Been Injured By Medical Negligence, You are Entitled to Fair Compensation

When someone goes for medical care, whether to NHS or the private sector, they must have trust in their healthcare provider. Unfortunately, people do not always receive the care that they should. When this occurs, they may have a claim for medical negligence.

Medical negligence claims are some of the most difficult cases that win wales solicitors handle since they involve both medical and legal issues. However, everyone is entitled to competent care. If injuries are suffered as a result of medical negligence, the patient has a right to compensation for those injuries.

What is Medical Negligence?

There are four aspects to a medical negligence claim.

The healthcare professional, such as a doctor or nurse, had a duty to take care and not injure the patient.
The healthcare professional breached that duty, which means that the patient's care fell below the level of a reasonably competent healthcare professional practicing in the same medical field.

The patient suffered harm because of that breach of duty.
That harm has caused the patient to suffer damage and/or other losses.
As can be imagined, this type of claim can become very technical, requiring the services of both legal and medical specialists.

Pressure Sores and Medical Negligence

Pressure sores illustrate one type of medical negligence. Anyone who is unable to move on their own and is confined to their bed or spends long hours in a chair or wheelchair is at danger of suffering pressure sores (or bed sores). The inability to change position means that constant pressure is applied to the body.

As a result, the skin and underlying tissues are damaged, progressing rather quickly to a wound resembling a blister. If untreated, this wound will become very painful and develop into a deep wound that spreads. In the worst cases, the patient's life is threatened by blood poisoning (septicemia) or cellulitis, very dangerous infections.

The NHS has released specific guidelines for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. If someone is being treated properly, the danger of pressure sores is greatly reduced. However, patients who are neglected and left in the same position for extended periods are suffering from medical negligence.

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